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This listed two-family home was not competitive with neighboring properties due to outdated material finishes and floor plans. The owner approached RER and we recognized the potential of the property based on competing sale prices and its ideal location being just 4 blocks away from Kingsland Train Station.¬† We were¬†able to plan and execute the … Continued

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Sherman Ave Update

Today, 22 June 2015, we are done with the demolition and are starting with the clean up. Over the last week we were busy with getting all the permits in place. During this week we are going to see many dumpsters going in and out. The weather outside is looking good and the work inside … Continued

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Sherman Ave – Jersey City

The property at 70 Sherman Avenue in Jersey City Heights has been bought for $295,0000 and a fixed up valuation came in at over $600,000 Its a 3 family home with 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Our goal with all this renovation is to make at least a profit of $100,000 within 12 months. We … Continued

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