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Real Estate Renaissance Group (RER) began as a small real estate consulting company founded by Ankit Duggal in 2007 with just a $20,000 initial investment. The firm has since developed into an investment operator, successfully investing multi-million dollar syndicate and fund capital investments in value-add and opportunistic oriented investment strategies across multi-family and mixed use asset classes. RER currently focuses on investing into emerging markets and trends across various asset classes within the New Jersey, Florida, and east coast markets.

What We Are About

RER is founded on the core principles of Community, Growth, and Partnership. These are the values which every member of RER brings to their work and interactions everyday in order to build the organization and the communities we invest in.

By focusing on distressed real estate, RER helps to bring about a renaissance by increasing property values and attracting businesses and residents, all while fostering local jobs and growing secure investor returns.

Today, in just three short years, RER has built out from a team of just three, to a team of 10. This has been accomplished through the closing of multimillion dollar deals, shrewd leadership, and skilled deal making, while still remaining community and civic focused.

We drive our internal and external operations and interactions based off of our three core values.


At RER, we are community focused. Focused not just on the communities we invest in, but our own organizational community and community of investors.

We believe by fostering community among our investors and within our organization, we build the trust needed to create exciting, dynamic, and high return investment opportunities and partnerships.

We also believe in the communities we invest in and the people who live there. RER aims to ensure that our properties provide jobs, opportunity, and important resources for their communities.


Growth is important to us and to you. Together, we grow as a company, with our investments, the communities we invest in, and the people we employ.

Not only do we want to constantly improve and develop, we want to provide you with greater opportunities and returns. We look at every opportunity as an opportunity for new growth and development, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding new avenues for secure, reliable, interesting investments.


An important part of our ethos is that we work directly with people, our investors, our team, and community members to accomplish goals. This builds lasting relationships that continue to be beneficial for all parties.

We understand that investing is a partnership and partnerships take trust. As a fiduciary establishment, we strive to make sure your needs take precedence and that you are equipped with the transparency to make the best decisions for your financial situation. We forge long lasting relationships with our clientele with trust and satisfaction forming the basis for these partnerships.

Our Team

Ankit Duggal

Education/Professional Training/Certification MBA in Finance from Montclair State University and a Master in Real Estate from New York University. In addition, Ankit is a Board of Advisor member and an adjunct professor to the Montclair State University Real Estate Program.

Career Highlights/Proudest Accomplishment Helping to turn around a family office that was losing $8 million a month and converting that to $4 million assets-under-management, with $30 million of new cash in 30 months. Also, I am of course proud of rebuilding the firm after failing the first time, and seeing my second iteration flourish.

Why do you like working for RER I love the team and community that I have built through RER and the opportunity to mentor and help develop so many talented individuals around common goals. Being able to leverage all of my own skills and experience to drive successful transactions and projects is also exciting and it’s great to see the end of day results from the hard work of my team and myself.

Ruhee Sabnis

Education/Professional Training/Certification Bachelors of Commerce, MBA- Human Resources & Operations

Career Highlights/Proudest Accomplishment Within a span of 3 years was promoted from Executive to Assistant Manager position at TCS.

Why do you like working for RER Amazing opportunity of growth- career wise and money wise, new learning everyday, very open culture with freedom to showcase new ideas and every opinion is considered

Alana Burman

Education/Professional Training/Certification BFA, Rutgers Mason Gross; MEd. Psychology, Rutgers

Career Highlights/Proudest Accomplishment Teaching art in Mississippi and making a real difference in my students lives there has been one of my proudest accomplishments, along with working on policy with Brooklyn Communities. However, my proudest accomplishment is probably getting legislation passed out of committees in both houses of the New Jersey legislature.

Why do you like working for RER I love the people I work with, everyone is great and a real talent in their field. We definitely work closely together to build the team and the organization, and it shows. I also love our values and connection to communities; it is clear that we bring value to communities and neighborhoods.

Vidya Rkrish

Education/Professional Training/Certification Chemical Engineer

Why do you like working for RER I have been with RER for the last 3 years and it has been a great work experience and with new learning opportunities. The close knit team that we have constantly strive to help and push each other to achieve our goals.

Tommy Visaggio

Education/Professional Training/Certification B.S. in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance, Montclair State University

Career Highlights/Proudest Accomplishment Playing an instrumental role in helping finance 10+ real estate transactions via debt and preferred equity sources has been one of my proudest accomplishments, along with underwriting a deal that resulted in ongoing acquisition of a 60,000+ sq ft industrial facility. However, my proudest accomplishment is executing my first real estate fix and flip investment while a junior in college.

Why do you like working for RER? I like working at RER because I am given the opportunity to participate in all facets of real estate, while also being able to gravitate toward the areas I am most interested in. It feels more like a team rather than a hierarchical system where we wake up every day with the mentality to win and help each other while doing so.

Atif Z. Qadir

Education/Professional Training/Certification SB Architecture and SB Urban Planning from MIT, MBA in Finance from Columbia, Licensed Architect (AIA), LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), Real Estate Agent

Career Highlights/Proudest Accomplishment I currently serve as a city planning commissioner in Hoboken, New Jersey. I believe that taking the time for public service is an important step to creating a city that reflects my values.

Why do you like working for RER? It is so refreshing to see how direct everyone at RER is while still being kind. I believe we all see our careers as far more than vocations to make money. Coming from the NYC real estate world, I can say that all of this is exceedingly rare.

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