Real Estate Renaissance Group (“RER”) began as a small real estate consulting company in 2007. The firm has since developed into an investment operator successfully investing multi-million dollar syndicate and fund capital investments in value add and opportunistic oriented investment strategies across multi-family and mixed use asset class.

RER currently focuses on investing into emerging markets and trends across various asset classes within the New Jersey market.


RER LLC seeks lasting professional relationships with creative capital and equity investors who want engaging opportunities in real estate. Our prime interests lie in servicing out clients with balanced risk-reward approaches to achieving profitable investments.


Our vision is to achieve attractive profits for our clients while revitalizing distressed neighborhoods throughout New Jersey starting with quality home restoration for deserving families.


RER seeks unique, high yield, risk mitigated, real estate investment opportunities based on the following fundamentals.

Guiding Principle

We locate unique, stable, high yield investment opportunities with attractive cash flows and equity appreciation through creative deal structures and off-market sources. Our strategic rehabilitations create repositioned investment opportunities with maximum asset value and higher tenant desirability. We also use cost reduction improvements to increase investment rental cash flow with in-house property management.

Risk Mitigation

We understand the heightened desire for investment security caused by recent economic complications. Therefore, we include risk mitigation in our selection process to ensure sufficient exit strategies in every investment. Our proprietary market analytic indicators identify core assumption volatility to further control risks in our clients’ investments.

Niche Market Focus

Our local and unique investment market knowledge lets us establish unique alpha through:

  • Local expertise
  • Unique insight on supply and demand trends
  • Access to local off-market deals

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