Imagine reliable, low-risk, consistent yield investments.

Imagine investing with a company who shares your values of
community, growth, and partnerships.

Real Estate Renaissance Group, LLC (RER) delivers with a family of companies geared to all
facets of the investment and development process-from start to finish.

Our Mission

We seek lasting professional relationships with creative capital and equity investors looking for engaging opportunities in real estate. Our prime interest lies in servicing out clients with balanced risk-reward approaches to achieving profitable, secure investments.

Our Vision

We revitalize distressed neighborhoods throughout New Jersey, starting with quality home restoration for deserving families, while achieving attractive, secure, and consistent profits for our clients with our competitive advantage.

Results Delivered

Our results-driven operations lead you to successful financial decisions and profitable returns. At RER, we pride ourselves with our average 18% investment return over our $20 million worth of projects since our founding in 2008. With our prudent and pioneering competitive real estate investment strategies, we use our knowledge of the real estate market to deliver the best results for your investments.

RER seeks unique, high yield, real estate investment opportunities guided by our two key investment principles.

Risk Mitigation

We understand the heightened desire for investment security caused by recent economic complications. Therefore, we include risk mitigation in our selection process to ensure sufficient exit strategies in every investment, no matter the wider economic environment. Our proprietary market analytic indicators identify core assumption volatility to further control risks in our clients’ investments.

Niche Market Focus

Our local and unique investment market knowledge lets us establish unique alpha through:

  • Local expertise
  • Unique insight on supply and demand trends
  • Access to local off-market deals

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